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Füruzan, An Important Figure In Turkish Literature, Passed Away

On February 11, 2024, the literary world mourned the passing of Füruzan, an important Turkish writer. Füruzan's death left behind a significant body of work, with her literary gems bearing the mark of her storytelling prowess.

Füruzan, born Feruze Selçuk, chose to depart from her family's surname, opting instead for a name that resonated only with her literary identity. In her own words, she explained this situation as, “I had a very famous surname in those years. It was a respectable surname made famous by two very renowned, respected men with their own wisdom, efforts, and talents. I never wanted to approach the conveniences that that famous surname could possibly provide me. I should not have put my writing to the test in such a way alone and benefit from this great name.” In her approach to her craft, she aimed to be acknowledged solely for her literary purposes rather than any familial associations, exhibiting a humble disposition that epitomized her demeanor.

She was brought into the world in Istanbul, and her childhood was marked by the tragic loss of her father at an early age. This deeply influenced her worldview, shaping her inclination for portraying mother-daughter relationships in her novels. Füruzan's artistic journey began with her pursuit of various artistic disciplines, including the conservatory, theater, and radio. Although these interests waned over time, her affection for the performing arts endured, eventually leading her to develop a keen passion for cinema. She has written scenarios professionally, demonstrating the essence of her cinematic ideas.

Her literary repertoire encompassed a diverse range of works, with her novel "Parasız Yatılı" garnering widespread acclaim and numerous awards, proving how outstanding her ability to feel empathy and understanding of the human condition is. However, it was her short story collection "Hayal Mi Gerçek Mi" that truly showcased her capability of blurring the lines between imagination and reality, captivating readers with her astute observations of everyday life. Moreover, almost each feminine character there is a part of her personality.

Füruzan’s some other literary works are “Yolda İzlenimler”, “Benim Sinemalarım”, “47’liler”, “Sevda Dolu Bir Yaz”, “Kuşatma”, “Gecenin Öteki Yüzü”, and “Berlin’in Nar Çiçeği”.

Throughout her career, Füruzan earned numerous awards, including the Ankara Literary Association Short Story Honorary Award and the Sait Faik Story Gift, solidifying her reputation in Turkish literature. She believed her marriage to caricaturist Turhan Selçuk brought her newfound joy, nurturing her creativity.

At her funeral, many admirers gave tributes, all reflecting her impact on literature. One of them was from Ayşe Sarısayın, a fellow writer, who spoke gently of her memory, “I’m sorry… Because I won’t be able to hear that childish voice or see your mischievous smile… But because happiness has a permanent place in our literature… She told us our story quietly, without screaming.”

While people grapple with the void left by Füruzan’s passing, her pieces of art are remembered well. Her stories will continue to resonate with readers, serving as a reminder of her talent, empathy, and dedication to the craft of writing. Füruzan's name will forever be synonymous with heartfelt storytelling, ensuring that her memory lives on for generations to come.

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