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5 Movies To Get You in the Mood For Fall

Autumnophile— a word the internet has invented to describe people who love Autumn and everything that it is associated with. I, myself, am a fellow Autumnophile and love surrounding myself with cozy autumnal vibes even if it is still 40 degrees outside. Other than baking pumpkin pies and cinnamon rolls, I find comfort in watching movies that are set in or generally associated with fall. Here are 5 spoiler-free autumnal movie recommendations to get you up and ready:

1) Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is the perfect movie to get into that cozy mood as well as that Halloween spirit this fall. The animated movie is a retelling of a 17th-century Jewish folktale and essentially a more spooky Romeo and Juliet. It is a plus side that the movie is directed by the father of many eerie movies: Tim Burton, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp.

2) Dead Poets Society

Adapted to the screen from Robin Williams’ book, the Dead Poets Society gives immaculate fall vibes with its gorgeous sceneries and color palette as the movie is set in a boarding school in Vermont, the Welton Academy. It tells the story of an English teacher who inspires his students to break free from the norm by his teaching of poetry.

3) Coraline

The plot follows that of a girl discovering a door to an uncanny alternative reality of her life. Despite being a stop-motion movie, Coraline will make you ponder the difference between deception and reality. Don’t let the beautiful animatics deceive you!

4) The Witches

A relatively new movie, the Witches came out in 2020 starring Anne Hathaway and is based on Roald Dahl’s book with the same title. It follows an orphan’s encounter with a witch. Beware: this movie contains a lot of mice!

5) Autumn in New York

This movie is a cult drama film, set in the cozy fall season in New York City. It follows the story of an ageing man and a terminally-ill young woman. Although all the other four movies contain eerie scenes, this one is nothing but romantic and heartbreaking.

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