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The Student Life at Boğaziçi University

There are hundreds of things to consider when choosing the right university. People may think rankings are the most important thing, yet, for many, it is not even the bottom line for their pro-con list. If you are considering a university in Türkiye, the list goes wider than anticipated. You have to consider social life in a more detailed way. And politics have a huge effect on social life. University students often struggle with this in their young adult life, when everything is a leap to becoming an adult. They may take this seriously and turn their social lives to a path they believe is the right ideology for themselves.

So, now let's talk about the Boğaziçi University. I have talked with many students to get their opinions on campus life. The opinions are coming from a typical engineering background, yet visions differ.


Beginning with our first point, campus. Is it suitable for everyone? The answer depends. For example, the south campus has the best view and a gorgeous architecture. The paths to buildings intersect in the middle, creating this tidy yet breathtaking view. You can embrace the Bosphorus feeling from everywhere. Sadly, the opinions for the north campus are completely different from the south. It is considered suffocating and no one is happy with the view, saying the buildings are placed wrong.

However, if you are one of those people who have food on top of their minds, Boğaziçi could be the right place for you! The food is better than the average university in Türkiye. Among all the campuses, Hisar Campus is considered the best campus food. Of course, not eating the campus food is fine; there are lots of options for eating out, from homemade food to a variety of breakfast options to fried food restaurants. All are close to the Boğaziçi campus and are considered top places for students who want to take some off-campus air.

Professors and Lectures

I am sure that everyone remembers Boğaziçi's peak times. It was on the best universities list once. This is a clear indication that professors are above the standards. Like anybody following the news, there is no chance you hadn’t seen what happened at Boğaziçi in 2021. Lots of the educators changed, along with the deans and wardens. Many known professors are still there and educating the new generation, but the conditions are not what they were two years ago. The most beloved professors could not enter the university campuses because of political reasons. I, however, strongly believe that educators should not be affected by the power struggles in politics. University students supported their educators, but on the way, they also kept away from the lectures. 45 students were taken in custody, and even though they supported what they believed, I disagree with the decision of putting young and bright-minded students in custody. This is just not right. In short, Boğaziçi had a peak once and it was great in terms of education and social life, yet the political events affected this situation.

Social Life

Social life the one thing many are expecting to see on the pro con list. Boğaziçi is the home of the most bright and social students. It is like the definition of work hard play hard, something that should be praised. Many people I spoke with are very happy with the environment. Everyone of the students there has interesting mindsets that are waiting to be poured out, which is the best thing about Boğaziçi. I bet no one could find this many interesting people in the same place. Nearly all necessities are fulfilled in Boğaziçi, there are many student clubs, from research clubs to art clubs. And one can belong to any atmosphere they choose.

So, in short, Boğaziçi does not give the same experience to everyone; it is what you make out of it and how you choose to take advantage of everything it offers.


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1 Comment

Dec 03, 2022

A great conclusion! It is what we make out of it that creates our experiences. Thank you.

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