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The Speech That Recreated a Nation

29 October 1933

Today is the greatest day marking the 10th year of our Republic. Happy anniversary! Right now, as a member of the great Turkish nation, I feel the deepest joy and excitement for having achieved this day.

My fellow citizens!

We have accomplished many great tasks in a short time. The greatest of these accomplishments is the Republic of Türkiye whose basis is Turkish heroism and the great Turkish culture. We owe this achievement to the Turkish nation and its valuable military for cooperating and working with determination. However, we can never consider what we have achieved to be enough. Because we must and are determined to do even more and greater tasks. We will raise our country to the level of the most developed and civilised nations of the world. We will provide our citizens with the broadest means and sources of welfare. We will raise our national culture above the contemporary level of civilization.

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