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Rise Global Challenge

Rise Global Challenge is a program hosted by Schmidt Futures and Rhodes Bank that aspires to find high-achieving kids between the ages of 15 and 17 from all over the world who do not have much economic freedom. Not having sufficient economical funds may cause teenagers to not get the education they deserve or not find the opportunity to develop towards their abilities. Therefore, the program offers them a chance in building their future after their interests and using their talents for the development of the society.

Humanity’s biggest issues might be solved by the next generation of leaders, yet many people don’t realize their potential in creating a global impact. Some of them never get discovered, are unable to access opportunities to develop their ideas or face social and economic barriers. Rise Global Challenge discovers these future leaders, makes them interact over certain topics that are not limited to climate change, but are also about humanitarian rights and worldly crises while offering them a chance to solve social and scientific issues by discussing them over an online network. It is hosted every year with 100 kids from 170 countries. Rise has made numerous changes via projects lead by the winners and also conferences that have been held by Rise advisors about making education more accessible, decreasing climate change and developing objects to better observe cancer and much more. An example would be James Chau Nguyen, whose grandmother was lately diagnosed with cancer. That’s the main reason why he invented a cancer detecting toothbrush to save other people from losing their lives just because their cancer wasn’t diagnosed before.

How do you become one of the chosen 100? First and foremost, to become a chosen one you have to go through an acceptance procedure. You can apply through the Rise app or via paper. The app you have to download to apply is called “Hello World” and there are a few tests you have to complete. Part 1 includes questions where you talk about yourself, your passions, interests and about the project you would like to pitch. Your application project can be about anything you’re good at or interested in, which can range from writing a poem to creating a foundation. It doesn’t matter how big of a project it is, the only thing that matters is how well it’s portrayed.

Rise provides you with almost everything you could need to start your own project or just to get better at what you like doing. Additionally, you have access to a global winners network where you can interact with different teenagers through the internet . Since the program consists of teenagers from all around the world and it is not possible to bring them all together in real life, Rise hosts many webinars. The teenagers work together to bring their startups to life. The startups or project ideas can vary, but their similarity is that they’re all for the better of the world. Rise counsellors also support the teenagers with counselling and career advice to help them apply to universities of their choice. And even if you are not chosen, you can get in touch with people from all over the world who applied to the program just like you, establishing an international and supportive network.

Over the last two years, eleven people were chosen from Türkiye and they all say nothing but the best. For instance, Adanur Nas applied to the program from Diyarbakır. She designed a website and an application that voices important phrases for students with hearing difficulties. She also prepared a booklet, gave lectures in schools and gave robotic lessons to those students. There is also Dila Öner who got accepted from İstanbul. Dila designed a free audiobook website for visually impaired students and founded a book club.

Not everyone is born with the same opportunities and therefore programs like Rise that allow the lower socioeconomic class to showcase their abilities is rare and immensely amazing.

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