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Is the Juventus Star In Danger Because of His Brother?

We all know that football can sometimes be a tricky or dangerous sport but this much was definitely not foreseen. Recently, the legend Pogba has experienced such an incident. Paul Pogba, the 23-year-old legend who was born in France, plays as a central midfielder for Juventus. He is also on the French national football team shining through the season. However recently he has had clouds hanging over him.

In brief words, he gave a really short statement saying that he is the target of an organized gang, and the surprising part here is that his brother, Mathias, is also in it. At least that is what P. Pogba claimed. In a recent announcement, he said that he has been targeted by an organized gang for a €13 million extortion and his brother also plays a part, most certainly not on his side.

Paul Pogba released a press statement through his attorney on Sunday, after his older brother Mathias threatened to spread "critical information" about his younger brother on social media. After the threatening video Mathias Pogba released, French police have started an inquiry into the charges as reported.

It raised a great amount of suspect after the video was released because, in the said footage, which lasted 3 minutes, Paul Pogba’s brother Mathias Pogba made quite a few points and said that “his fans, French, Italian and England governments, his teammates and more” deserve to know some things about P. Pogba. It also caught viewers’ attention that in the video he is sat at a desk, holding up a paper where he reads the script from. In his speech, Mathias Pogba also has a rather different stance to the matter considering he first starts by complimenting his brother and his career but then changes his attitude and wording. It might even be speculated: Are the brothers really against each other or is Paul Pogba not the only brother who is targeted by the said organized gang? His brother, who is supposedly threatening to expose him reading the threat off of a ready message, really brings some questions and doubts to surface. As said, Mathias Pogba is reading from a script in four separate videos, each in order being in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. There he promises to divulge information about his brother Paul. Paul’s agent Rafaela Pimenta claims that Kylian Mbappé will be among the revelations too, which is another shocker. This organized gang going after footballers related to France and French teams also raises other questions which can be effectively answered in light of further revelations.

From Paul Pogba’s side, the claim was that a boyhood buddy who was staying with him in Manchester stole over $200,000. However, Pogba did not report the theft at the time. Paul tried to deny knowing about it, according to Mathias, who now maintains that it was a good cousin.

In addition, according to L'Equipe, the authorities are debating whether Paul Pogba has provided a complete account of the circumstances surrounding the attempted blackmail, as Mathias has not answered calls for clarification of one of his most recent Twitter statements: "Money is not the issue. Despite my own faults, you accused me, and I nearly lost my life as a result. You put me in a bind, and now you want to portray yourself as the victim?"

It is noted from other sources that Paul Pogba thought going into Juventus would rid him of his blackmailers, and it was all good till the club attorney got alerted because Pogba saw the “childhood friend/blackmailers” around the stadium in Turin.

Lastly, the counterclaims from Mathias to Paul and his defenders were “I must say that many people and media have decided that Paul's words must be the ultimate truth without verification just because he is a star and that the guy who did not have a great career should shut up. I know that some are mocking the truth due to their fanaticism towards the great Paul Pogba and that only the World Cup matters to some others. Many would have shut their eyes if only Michael Jackson, M.J., had given us another Billie Jean."

Let’s see how this story unveils itself and if this is just a defamation attempt to Paul Pogba or if there is a deeper story.

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