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Coachella 2022: The Festival of Influencers and Celebrities!

After being canceled for two years due to the pandemic, Coachella is back! Coachella was held from the 15th of April to the 24th of April. The festival, as always, was in the Empire Polo Club. Empire Polo Club is in California and was founded in 1987, and since the first Coachella in 1999, they have been hosting the festival there. At this year’s Coachella, there were many talented artists. Some of them were: Harry Styles, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, The Weekend, Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, Måneskin, Conan Gray, girl in red, Alec Benjamin, and Big Sean. Also, Netherlands-based Altın Gün, an Anatolian rock group mixed with Turkish and Netherlander musicians, performed at the festival. Altın Gün brought Anatolian and Turkish rock and folk music to this worldwide known festival.

Coachella’s one of the most intriguing parts is the attendees’ outfits. Fashion bloggers, magazines, fashion YouTube channels, TV shows, and others critique everybody’s outfit. If you are interested in fashion, your for you page had probably been full of content about Coachella during the previous week. And you have probably seen the video of Justin Bieber (who performed a surprise performance) filming Hailey Baldwin Bieber and Kendall Jenner.

In my opinion, this year’s Coachella was a little bit on the subtle side. Most of the outfits were playful but, at the same time simple when considering past Coachellas. Let’s take a look at the outfits together.

Kendall Jenner The simplest and most chill outfit was Kendall Jenner’s completely white look (See “Kendal Jenner’s white look”). She had a white tank crop top, loose white pants, a small over-the-shoulder bag, and a pair of sunglasses. How can you go wrong with these pieces? Probably, most of us already have pieces that we can recreate this look of Jenner’s. Yes, she looks nice. But do I think that she could do better with adding accessories? Absolutely! She could have taken risks. If you would ask me, I would say that her street style is way better than this. She also wore a full black outfit (See “Kendall Jenner’s black look”). In this look, she has a black strappy crop top, black leather pants with a huge belt buckle (which I liked), boots, and a red floral over-the-shoulder bag, the only thing that adds a little bit color to the outfit. I like this outfit of hers better than the first full white one. This has an edge to it. The bag and her hair add contrast and chicness. The little braid is perfect for her, and the red hair suits her.

"Kendal Jenner’s white look”

“Kendall Jenner’s black look”

Kylie Jenner Kylie was nothing but a disappointment for me (See “Kylie Jenner’s Outfit”)this year. I looked at her 2017 and 2019 Coachella outfits, and I miss those! In 2017 and 2019 her outfits were on point. They were simple but they had a spark to them. This year, she just threw baggy light blue jeans with an oversize black leather jacket, and a basic white bodysuit (what I think she has based on the photograph) as well as a chunky black boot. We have seen better light blue jean outfits from her. Remember the Alexander Wang mom jeans look she had (See “Kylie Alexander Wang”). It was gorgeous. For me, Kylie’s outfit was not a suitable outfit for a festival. Her hair and outfit gave me the feeling that she was going shopping.

“Kylie Jenner’s Outfit”

“Kylie Jenner’s Alexander Wang Outfit”

Bella Poarch Bella Poarch, a famous TikToker and a singer have taken a risk by wearing a full print set (See “Bella Poarch’s Outfit”). It was a bold move. I think it paid off though. She looked like she was going to a festival, and she seemed adorable with the print and the color scheme. She made a logical choice with her hair, top, earrings, and sunglasses. They tied the vibe. If her top was a basic t-shirt or a tank top, it would have ruined the vibe that she was going for. This Coachella was hers. She nailed her own aesthetic, and she felt herself.

“Bella Poarch’s Outfit”

Harry Styles Harry rocked the Gucci multi-colored sequined jumpsuit look (See “Harry Styles’s Outfit”)! In my opinion, his outfit made his performance even better since the sequin shined, shimmered, and reflected the lights during his performance. His boots were the right choice. They did not steal the jumpsuit’s moment, but they had their spark It was a smart choice. Well done to Harry and his stylist Harry Lambert.

"Harry Styles’s Outfit”

This year’s Coachella was more subtle compared to the other years. But some celebrities and influencers have outdone themselves at this year’s Coachella. I believe that everyone has started to think about next year’s outfits already. I am curious about next year’s outfits, as well as the roasts that will come with the outfits.

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