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AWORLD: An Actual Step To Save Ourselves Other Than “No Planet B”

After hearing “No Planet B” chants for years now, the phrase also started to lose its power didn’t it? Yes, we should greatly appreciate the movement Greta Thunberg started, Fridays for Future, but as of now, "no planet b"

posters only went so far. We need a concrete plan and formidable action steps if we want to reverse or slow down the climate crisis.

Now taking my aforementioned words into consideration, I am not saying we should undermine the efforts of the youth forming communities and raising awareness, I am simply saying tackling climate change comes with tackling systematic issues.

So what is AWorld and why is it important in tackling this issue? AWorld is an app in support of the United Nation’s ACTNOW initiative. ACTNOW is the call to action towards individuals regarding climate crisis on the individual scale, and so far, there are 8,203,934 individual steps taken around the world. They aim to narrow down the impact scale all the way to individuals and show us the real power we hold through this initiative. It is not just supporting SDG 2030, but it will also benefit future initiatives as such.

AWorld is different than most startups considering that the main aim prioritizes genuine need and environmental demand in the world rather than its profit. This app is quite a versatile one. There are many features that help you to further educate yourself, track your carbon footprint, speak up and voice your thoughts to larger communities, and more.

Not only does it focus on sustainability and the climate crisis, but the app also tries to help you improve yourself and your mindset. There are short audios and clips detailing stories based on kindness, selflessness, gratitude, and more. This may seem like it is not of the highest relevance to sustainability and matters regarding climate change, but it actually is if you take a moment to reflect on it. To some extent, humans are selfish by their nature, but they are also thoughtful. Our selfishness and greed are what brought our people and Earth to today. Through learning more about gratitude, loving ourselves and others around us, respect, and other virtues, we start to care more about what is going on around us and how we can take part in being a solution.

On the topic of being a part of the climate revolution, we recently had the chance to have an interview with one of the interns in AWORLD, namely Alex Fabre. He is one of the summer interns, mostly focusing on marketing, and he helped us get further insight into AWorld through his learning experience with CEO Alessandro Armillotta.

We asked Alex some questions regarding his experience and some main tasks he is focusing on in AWORLD right now. He is mainly assisting the socials of AWorld and creating content for the Tiktok and Instagram pages. Considering that he is one of the Gen Z interns, we asked “How is AWorld beneficial for the youth?” His response to it was: "AWorld is a sustainability that partners with UN’s ActNow campaign, which promotes individual action in favor of climate. Since AWorld is an app, it is an unconventional and more exciting way of talking about sustainability. By using gamification, the app is meant to hook the users and encourage them to insert daily activities and to engage them in a daily sustainability challenge, thus not only teaching in a fun way about the UN’S SDG’s and about how you can reduce your carbon footprint, but also make you more aware of the impact you have on the planet.”

He noted that his experience so far had been rather illuminating as he loves seeing sustainability embedded in the company’s culture and principles, “knowing that you work for a company that is actually changing the world motivates you to work harder.”

Our last question regarding AWorld was, “What is one thing you would tell so people become more familiarized with AWorld?” To this, he replied that “AWorld is a journey, so I suggest patience to people who start using the app. As you start, you might be surprised and feel off when finding out that your habits can be so wasteful but you should be open-minded to changing the routine a bit in order to accommodate some new and perhaps greener hobbies. In the long run, everyone can learn a lot and see the impact they can create!”

To conclude our interview we asked Alex what his favorite SDG would be, to sort of up the game a bit! He told us that his favorite would be the 11th SDG, sustainable cities and communities. He noted that while we perhaps assume that control over the future is in the governments’ hands, Aworld is there to remind us that the biggest change always starts through an individual’s efforts.

This was a lovely interview with Alex; AWorld is definitely a new page in helping take concrete steps regarding the SDGs and therefore changing the world.

We should not forget that the climate crisis is a major issue and be more aware of the impact we can create, connections we can make, and new ideas we can come up with. Our humble advice would be to join necessary communities, show up, take responsibility, and not make excuses.

We are our own hope. This world, as it is now, is a legacy for us to save and carry further. Just because it is out of shape at the moment does not mean it is too late to save it even if it is through partnering with governmental organizations and municipalities.

Would you check Aworld out after this article?

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