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A Hidden Treasure Around Galata May Have the Best Coffee in the District

You know the hot chocolate or coffee that you drink when you are soaked from the pouring rain, which, for some reason, tastes the best. At least that was what I experienced when I decided to wander around Galata and Istiklal Street to discover some new places. It was barely raining when I left the house to take the bus; I had my headphones, and everything was going smoothly until the bus driver stopped midway and said he could not go further because of the rain. All of us had to get off the bus and waited for the rain to slow down in an exchange office — the weirdest place to be.

Later on, I walked 2 kilometers with the water level reaching my knees. When I finally made it to Lattas, I was shivering from the cold, yet the welcoming atmosphere in the cafe made me feel all cozy. The cats on the sofas were looking at us as we ordered our food. At the same time, breakfast was being served to the hotel customers. The smell was magnificent!

Lattas is not only a cafe but it is also a historic hotel. Usually, I enjoy sitting outside and observing, but this time the inside was just as beautiful. The walls were decorated with mirrors that looked antique and mesmerizing paintings. I had never seen such sophisticated decorations in a café before. Lattas is also known for continuing a culture without ruining the structural and historical texture. It is right around Galata Tower, located in this narrow street that just smells of culture. There are lots of houses around Lattas that are definitely worth observing.

The flat white and cookies I ordered arrived pretty fast. The coffee was just what you would expect from those newly brewed and tropical-tasting coffees. I am sure that they know all about using the right methods and the best coffee seeds.

On the menu, they had granola served with either dark chocolate or peanut butter energy balls that looked way fancier than most others. The smoothie range they offer is also shockingly a lot. There are many sour options like pineapple, mango, and lemon as well as some bitter flavors such as coffee.

Because of all these, I couldn't help but go there for a second time. It was right after touring all the 17th Istanbul Biennial spots around Galata and Istiklal Street and I was so tired. To ease my tiredness, first I drank the best strawberry lemonade along with some old-school filter coffee. Initially, I had ordered a mint lemonade but they did not have any left so I got the strawberry. Which I was not so mad about, it was sweet and helped me regain my energy. The filtered coffee really helps you relax with its rich smell in that cozy environment as well.

The only disappointing thing was that there was no place left to sit outside. Lattas, in sync with the street, is a bit small and tight. I have to go there way too early to get one of those granola bowls and observe people while sitting outside. This experience would fulfill all my expectations for Galata.

Lattas is the best in the district in many ways. It has the best coffee and offers the most anticipated foods around the district — not to go without mentioning that I searched for a lot of places to eat in Galata that were not for tourists. Also, for students, the place is not that expensive! Just go and give Lattas a shot, I am sure this magical place will help you make the best memories and be your shelter in the pouring rain, just like it was for me. Lattas is definitely somewhere I will visit again in the future.


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Nov 29, 2022

What an informative and sincere article this was! Thank you.

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