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World Cuisine in Istanbul: 5 Amazing Restaurants

Istanbul has been a melting pot of cultures throughout history as the subject of many conquests, invasions, disasters, and so on. Given its cosmopolitan structure, it hosts many delicious world cuisine restaurants with enchanting environments. Here are a few ones you must know, whether you’re an Istanbulite or just visiting.


Ranchero, a Mexican restaurant with branches in Istanbul’s hottest spots such as Nişantaşı and Bağdat Street, prides itself on its authenticity. It was founded by the Turkish-Mexican Tanyeri-Gonzalez family in 2005. It was so intriguing to the locals that they ended up opening a few more branches in Istanbul and even in Ankara. With its amazing environment, amazing cocktails, and wide range of items on its menu, it is certainly a must-try restaurant.

Los Altos

Los Altos is another Mexican restaurant with a single branch located on the famous Istiklal Avenue of Taksim, near Galatasaray High School. Its uniqueness comes from the magnificent rooftop and view of the city it offers. Both during daytime and nighttime, you can always have a few tacos while gazing at the beauty of İstanbul.


As you can tell from its name, this tasty Italian restaurant is located on the bridge floor of Zorlu Shopping Center in Beşiktaş. Its beautiful modern architecture makes it impossible to not want to pay a visit, not to mention its delicious dishes. Moreover, you can also purchase Italian goods from their shop if you want to cook authentic Italian dishes in the warmth of your own home.

Sopung Kore

This Korean restaurant has branches not only in Istanbul but also in many other cities in Türkiye. No matter the location, they’re dedicated to keeping a cozy environment, good dishes, and excellent service. I myself learned many fun facts about Korean cuisine in the Kadıköy branch!

Bombay Masala

If you long for spicy and delicious Indian dishes, this is the place to go in Istanbul. After you discover the more historical side of Istanbul in Sultanahmet and Fatih, you can recharge and reward your taste buds here!

Edited by Simay Cemre Tülübaş and Yağmur Ece Nisanoğlu

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