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Warner Bros Parts Ways with "The Flash" Actor Ezra Miller

Not long ago, Warner Bros was shaking with the change of CEOs and merging with Discovery to open a new studio. The previous CEO of WarnerMedia, Ann Sarnoff, was replaced with David Zaslav, the CEO of Discovery at that time. The replacement of the CEOs happened nearly at the same time with major events for WarnerMedia, including a 3 million signed campaign to remove Amber Heard from the already shot film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom after she lost the lawsuit with Johnny Depp. Previous to this, Johnny Depp was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen, in consequence of losing the first lawsuit in the UK with Amber Heard.

PR troubles for Zaslav and the studio have not come to an end. This time, Ezra Miller, officially a musician, starred in productions Fantastic Beasts, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Justice League, and We Need to Talk About Kevin, possibly won’t be in future DC films. Miller, of a much-counted movie The Flash, including Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Batman, had off-set issues with odd behavior history. Famous actor Ezra Miller was mentioned in two papers issued by parents for the protection of themselves and their children, just in June 2022. According to the parents of 18 years old Tokata Iron Eyes, Miller allegedly groomed her since she was 12, using violence and threats. The filing also reads the use of drugs. Another filing mentions harassment and inappropriate acts towards a mother and non-binary child in Massachusetts.

Warner Bros Studios is topical with the change of characters in famous film series nowadays. When Johnny Depp was dismissed from Fantastic Beasts, and Amber Heard is likely to have a similar fate with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, many sources close to Zaslav say that it has ended with Miller. However, it is not an easy decision for Zaslav because the movie is already shot and set to release in 2023.

Many sources indicated that the studio would make The Flash a film series. The film has a budget of 200 million dollars, and sources remark that it is nearly impossible to replace Miller with another actor for the already shot film. Yet, they agree that Miller will not be in the upcoming DC films. PR troubles would cause a pullback for marketing. This year is especially important for Warner Bros with more films coming and the company will merge with Discovery.

Miller’s fate is not definite yet, as there will be a court hearing set for July 12 after Tokata supported Miller on her social media. She stated that she is capable of making her own decisions and also accused her parents as manipulative during her time staying with them.

Warner Bros is pulling the strings with media, not giving statements, or keeping Miller off-media. Recently Miller deleted his social media account after sharing memes about grooming Tokata, and the news did not flow as it did with the well-known Johnny Depp situation. Many are still expecting news in the upcoming days, an official statement from WarnerMedia, and a result from the court hearing. Some still support Miller and hope things will calm down after the hearing ends, wishing The Flash movie to be good to watch without off-set issues involved.

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