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Trump's Rape Trial: Latest News

Journalist, advice columnist, and author, E. Jean Carroll has achieved a significant victory in her continuous tracking of justice. Carroll’s efforts to seek justice after being sexually assaulted by Former U.S. President Donald John Trump resulted in a positive outcome. Trump was found guilty of sexually abusing E. Carroll in a luxury department store dressing room in Manhattan during the mid-1990s, by a Manhattan federal jury. Read known facts detailed here. CNN reports that the federal jury awarded her $5 million for battery and defamation, validating her accusations. Former President Donald Trump keeps silent after consistently and publicly denying the accusations of sexual misconduct. The Manhattan federal jury’s verdict not only holds Trump responsible for his inappropriate behavior but sends an inspirational and motivating message to sexual abuse victims asserting that their efforts to earn justice matter.

The trial has gained intense public attention and interest, highlighting a remarkable mark in the proceeding #MeToo movement. The “Me Too” movement’s dedications are creating pathways for healing, justice, action, and leadership []. The movement aims to provide a healing journey and professional aid for victims and/or survivors whose lives were changed entirely and drastically by sexual violence.

Carroll, a victim of non-consensual sexual interaction among more than 18 women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, came forward with her allegations after Trump became the 45th President of the United States in 2016. Carrol demonstrated her courage and solidarity with other victims of sexual harassment, encouraging and inspiring them to raise their voices against injustice. In her memoir What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal, Carroll conveys her trauma and experience of sexual abuse and exploitation by multiple men. Carroll grants her inceptive hesitancy to come forward, affirming, "Also, I am a coward".

Trump publicly rebutted the allegations, suggesting that she was deceiving to promote her book. Regardless of facing rebuttals, counter statements, and threats, Carroll resumes vindicating her account, referring to the larger concern of sexual harassment and the mental health-related challenges victims often face before, during, and after speaking out against powerful individuals.

As the trial concludes, her accomplishment draws attention to the ongoing fight against sexual harassment and assault. Carroll’s resilience has made her an inspiration to other victims of sexual abuse and reminds the significance of holding those in powerful positions responsible for their actions.

Edited by: Melisa Altıntaş and Yağmur Ece Nisanoğlu

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