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The Sultans of the Net and the VNL

Türkiye’s pride, the Sultans of The Net, started off their season with the Nations League (VNL) match that took place at Antalya.

The Sultans of the Net have always been a dominant force in the world of volleyball, especially in the last years when they reinforced the power they hold. They are known for their impressive maneuvers, strategic plays, determination, unity and also numerous glorious victories. This year, in order to show their potential once again, they trained for the VNL and they are currently also training for the Olympics that will be held in Paris in July, as they successfully passed the qualification stage.

As they enter the national season, they will be facing a different set of challenges in addition to the challenges the players face in their individual teams such as Fenerbahçe, Vakıfbank, Eczacıbaşı and Galatasaray. Moreover, with the matches in front of them which will be played with Netherlands, France and Italy in the first week of the Nations League, a tiring week with harsh match awaits our national team. The following matches will take place in several different countries including but not limited to the United States and Thailand in addition to Türkiye.

The A National Team consists of 14 successful players with the liberos being Simge Aköz, Ayça Aykaç, Gizem Örge; the middle blockers being Aslı Kalaç, Zehra Güneş, Beyza Arıcı; the hitters being Hande Baladın, İlkin Aydın, Tuğba İvegin, Ebrar Karakurt, Derya Cebecioğlu and the setters being Elif Şahin, Melissa Vargas, Cansu Özbay.

Despite the challenges, one thing is certain: The Sultans of the Net will not stop at any hardship to win, whether they are competing against national rivals in the Turkish season or against international opponents in the Nations League.

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