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makromusic: The Million-Dollar Favorite of the Turkish Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

(Disclaimer: makromusic is written in lowercase because the brand name is so.)

One second into the article and I can already make an educated guess about you fellow readers: you stream music using apps such as Spotify or Apple Music. If you are a university student, perhaps you even used Tinder, Bumble, or some dating site of that sort.

Let’s be honest, we all have those moments… there may have been a time when the match was great but you guys lacked the music taste compatibility. You see, even if some people say it’s not a big deal, it really is.

This is where we find the need for makromusic: the perfect solution to your problems because imagine Tinder and Spotify, perhaps even Twitter, merged into one.

The main idea of the app is to connect you with people who have a similar music taste as you. Ever since its founding in 2019, the creators have developed what started as a “matching with music” app into one that enabled users to post pictures, talk about their mood, post songs and more, turning it into a quite versatile app.

Once you download the app and set up your account, you connect your Spotify account and enjoy the show. For almost every song you listen to, you match with someone. You can see your music compatibility ratio with your matched person, check out their favorite artists, genres and other interests to see if you would want to chat with them. If yes, swipe right and send a romantic song for a good opening! Writer’s suggestion: “Hey lover-Wabie is a good opening song to start a delightful conversation.

If not interested, better luck next time. Swipe left and go on with your adventure! You can end your conversation and delete the match at any point so no need to fret about that too! You can listen to anything from songs to podcasts and there is always someone to match and chat with if you want it. There is also a premium option with more to discover but I’ll leave it for you to experience.

makromusic is not just an app though, it also has a special website “makromusic for artists” which is a really practical portal and tool of communication for new and growing artists in the industry. Artists can sign up and select the best package for their needs and once accepted,they can relax and enjoy their audience grow. It is truly heartwarming to see university students having so much impact over an industry because once artists are signed with makromusic, their audience grows by a few thousand people at the very least.

Moving on to the more exciting part, we have news for you from makromusic founder himself, Ataberk Özaydın! He let us in on the new feature that will better makromusic: the festival mode. With this new feature, you will be able to match with people who went to the same festival as you, and if you wish to meet, makromusic has the functions to assist with that as well. Don’t think about the technicalities,there are people who have actually met on this app and got married!

Team dynamics, network and investments are some of the most critical components of a startup, being intertwined at their core. A good network and developed communication skills will bring you a good team and loyal investors if the product is also attractive. The makromusic team consists entirely of university students, which makes it an even bigger success than it is. Aside from keeping up with the tough university education, building a startup that was worth 2 million dollars after the first investment round is no joke. Adding onto it, their team is known to be close-knit and actual friends rather than just colleagues. We can also see this considering their new workspace is the “makromusic house” where the team also takes care of a cute puppy together. This is even more proof of their hard work and dedication.It is also worth noting that while the team is largely made up of university students, they are also open to giving high schoolers the opportunity to step in to the entrepreneurship world and brew a bit.

makromusic had its kickoff in February 2021 when Ömer Erkmen, a respected investor and a mentor in the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem, invested in their app with a valuation of 2 million dollars. They handled this investment very well and used it for further digital marketing and product development. This is exactly what entrepreneurs should do when they get an investment; while getting office mugs is really appealing, the work does not end there and depending on the amount, product development should be the main priority. Thanks to the team’s attentiveness, they also managed to keep their ranks in the top 20 on social media charts on Appstore. As of today, they rank in 12th place on the Appstore. They have a consdierable growth pace following those ranks, in fact they hit 1.4 million downloads in their first 8 months. By their 2nd year, they have surpassed 4 million downloads.

They stated that Growth hacking and Influencer marketing were 2 things that carried them the most. Generous enough to share their journey with students, they have taken part in more than 40 events in collaboration with universities and entrepreneurship communities.

makromusic is a true gem for Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem. The founder, Ataberk Özaydın, and his co-founders are quite active on Linkedin as he shares numerous articles about makromusic for those who are interested. The founder Ataberk Özaydın and his co-founders are active and recruiting on Linkedin, and the team is highly open to fresh ideas. Now coming to an end with their second investment round and a growing community, they are going to be scaling up even more and it’s exciting to see such companies in the Turkish ecosystem.

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