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Anime Series Now Affect Children More Than Ever

Anime is considered an accepted form of animation and it represents the magnificent Japanese culture worldwide because of its popularity. There are a lot of fans of anime and manga, and despite the growth in the number of adult anime fans, children are still more likely to watch anime than adults are. However, animes are not like other cartoons that we are used to. Of course, there are animes that can be considered suitable for children, but most of the animes provide horror, violence and pornographic content which may cause serious harm to children's psychology.

One of the most problematic reasons that anime is not proper for children is the violence in it. Even though there are a lot of American animated shows which include fighting scenes like The Bugs Bunny, the impact that animes cause children is not the same. Luckily, children do not tend to develop violent tendencies despite exposure to such content. The reason for that is because the battle scenes for children of this young age only appeal to children with vivid colors. However, not every child reacts the same to violent scenes. So, it would not be appropriate for a child to watch this type of content frequently. But it is a fact that most children can fully access a lot of movies or series which include violent scenes. Exposure to violence, gore and gruesome content has a huge and lasting effect on children even though it does not emerge. Therefore, parents should always be careful about the content that their children are watching.

The other important reason that animes can be inappropriate for children is that some of them tend to contain 18+ pornographic content which is very traumatizing for children. These type of animes are called “Hentai” and it is very popular not only in Japan but also in Western countries. Pornography has a huge impact on child development whether it is in the form of cartoon characters or real actors. This serious phenomenon has been reflected in a lot of studies and reports. There are some negative effects of pornography on children. Some research showed that pornography can harm a child’s brain by making it smaller. Also, it distorts perceptions of women for children. It increases the risk of addiction to pornography and other addictive behaviors. In conclusion, it is really clear that hentai, and every kind of pornography, has a very serious effect on children and parents should be very careful about the shows that their children watch.

Since anime is a type of entertainment with interesting and colorful images and content, it has the potential to be addictive. So, parents should be sure of the amount of time that their children spend watching anime. There are numerous negative effects of addiction on children: those who are addicted to a show are likely to be aggressive and abusive. They generally have behavioral problems. Parents also should be aware of the fact that anime is not the only digital activity that can be addictive to a child. The most common types of technology addictions are gaming and social media addictions. Parents should be careful about the amount of time that their children spent playing online games and going on social media.

In conclusion, anime series have an impact on children just like video games, comics and books. Anime series may have a bad influence on children because some kinds of animes provide 18+ content. Yet, of course, some animes can inspire children and help them to be more creative. Therefore, parents should mostly be careful about the content and the duration of the anime shows their children are watching.

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