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7 Places to Eat in Bağdat Street: A List Combining Fine Dining and Street Cafes

We are back at it again, Istanbulite fans! After a stroll around Beyoğlu, Kadıköy, Arnavutköy, and many delicious spots, it is time to check out the famous Bağdat Street. This long street is packed with stores, restaurants, and cafes, and yes, it is as busy as it sounds. On a good day with nice weather, one must admit it can be a bit too busy, but Bağdat Street remains at the top of my favorite locations to spend time in Istanbul. This list includes both cafes and restaurants in one place so you can see through a variety of options. From fine dining to street-corner boutique cafes, this is a guide for you into the area.

1. Ferida Cadde

After its place in Fişekhane, Ferida Restaurant has recently opened its second spot in the street full of cafes to make space for some fine dining. The decorations follow a pastel green color palette that creates a calming atmosphere for many conversations that can be had over the Bosnian dishes which they are known for. We appreciate the well-known chef Murat Bozok’s touches on Ferida Cadde’s menu because while the pastel atmosphere captures you, the dishes resemble a feast come true.

From breakfast to dinner, Ferida is here to serve delicious plates all day, every day. However, its reputation lives well and as for reservations, we strongly

suggest you make one. Choose a time slot between 10 am and 1 am and some people to enjoy this place. The rest is left to the magic of fine dining.

2. Neni Brasserie

Moving on to another fine dining restaurant, Neni. Located in Caddebostan, Neni is a restaurant français with its menu composed of fine cuisine inspired by the French with additions from global cuisines. Starting with their delicious prosecco while waiting for the starters to come along makes for the perfect night. For starters, I strongly recommend their goat cheese tart; it is delicious.

Again, from breakfast to dinner, this place is great for occasions from celebrating to a great night of gossiping with your friends. The ambiance is accompanied by dim lights at night, which gives a really romantic atmosphere for a date night too! Sip your wine and get in the mood of love. This place is also known for its apple pie tart, so make sure you eat your desserts before leaving. We advise you to make sure you have a reservation for this place too.

3. Colombia Cafe

A sharp turn from fine dining restaurants to street cafes, Colombia is a personal favorite of mine, so it could not be left out. Its full name, “Primos de Columbia” is located in Şaşkınbakkal on the street going down straight to Bağdat Street. Away from the crowdedness of being “on” the street but still giving the vibes of a boutique cafe shop, this place is the perfect spot for chatting with friends and family. And it is pet-friendly! I always see the cutest dogs there! However, despite how cute they are, the dogs are not the reason why this place is my personal favorite. Their special coffee, or as they say, 100% Colombian coffee, is an A+ for a coffee lover like me. I am incredibly picky with my coffee and confidently recommend Colombia to all our readers. If you love the concept of sitting in a cafe cornering a busy street while people-watching, completing work, or, again, gossiping with a friend, this place will be the spot you’ll like the most in this list. Take my word for it.

4. Flan Bakery

Located in both Suadiye and Caddebostan, Flan Bakery is one of the coziest places in the Bağdat Street region. The blondish atmosphere creates the perfect spot for occasions from breakfast to a late-night chat with friends. The place gets its name from the French word “flaneur,” which means wanderer. I strongly recommend their hot chocolate with marshmallows (though maybe not in hot weather like this). It definitely adds up to the cozy atmosphere on a cold evening with warm chats.

5. Il Padrino Ristorante

After Bosnian and French cuisine, we could not leave out some Italian, could we? If you are in the mood for some good risotto and pizza to share with friends and family, Il Padrino is the best Italian restaurant around town.

Being the finest dining around Caddebostan for over 30 years, the posters of Al Pacino playing the Godfather (meaning Il Padrino) really take you back in time. Il Padrino’s quality is not only known by the locals. The place owns up to its Ospitalità Italiana award which is a quality endorsement issued by the Italian Government to

Italian restaurants all over the world.

So, a big deal. The service is as good as the food too.

Make sure this spot makes a place in your day in Bağdat Street.

6. Marie Antionette Chocolatier

No, not the French queen. This chocolatier will make sure it appears in your mind before the queen once you visit it. They have spots in Zorlu, Fenerbahçe, and Caddebostan. The Caddebostan shop is decorated with a dark ambiance and green plants. “Cozy” is not enough to describe it. The chocolates are more than delicious. Their fondus and waffles are a must-try. This spot is the perfect place to study too. Take our advice and finish the day here with the chocolate and coffee!

7. Strada Suadiye

Last but not least, Strada! After all the talk about the places in Şaşkınbakkal and Caddebostan, Strada is here to take the spotlight in Suadiye. It is a world cuisine that is wrapped around the concept of fine dining and drinks, and we recommend ‘casual chique’ for the dress code. The food is delicious, however, the cocktails are definitely the ones to shine. The aesthetics of the place screams for an Instagram photo, so dress accordingly. All jokes aside, I have encountered many celebrations and formal dinners during my visits there, so keep that in mind, too. The idea of a birthday accompanied by fine wine and good food with old friends starting your new age really warms my heart. This place is spacious; however, because of its great reputation, we strongly recommend a reservation made a couple of days in advance.

We hope that you enjoy our recommendations! Bon Appetit!


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