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The Glamorous Art Scene of Bağdat Street

If you have ever been to Istanbul, you have probably visited or at least heard about Bağdat Street. Located on the Anatolian side, it is one of the most popular places in Istanbul with luxury brands and top-notch restaurants. It is the perfect place if you want to do some shopping or have a nice meal, but did you know that it also has one of the best art scenes in Istanbul?

Bağdat Street is home to a variety of art galleries that contain various different forms of art. To help you discover these hidden gems, we have prepared a list of galleries that you can visit.

1- Cadde 160 Art Gallery

Open to visitors since 2020, Cadde 160 recognizes that art has become a way for people to distance themselves from the depressing atmosphere that the pandemic has created and offers a calm place where you can sit down, observe various artworks from different artists, most of them being contemporary because contemporary art is fresh and new, right? So, if you feel bored or if life is getting too monotonous, visit Cadde 160, it will feel like a breath of fresh air.

2- Decollage Art Space

Decollage Art Space has only one mission and it is to popularize art among younger generations. Decollage Art Space offers lectures on painting, sculpture, architecture, and art history as well as ceramics workshops, vocal and dance performances, and cooking classes. With such a large scope of various types of events, Decollage Art Space also has a cafe in case you want to restore your energy after a day full of artistic endeavors.

3- Gallery 11.17

Gallery 11.17 aims to make art accessible to everyone! Their shops have paintings, prints, ceramics, and photography for affordable prices. They also work with young artists to encourage younger generations to engage with art. Art brings people together, and creates happiness and peace, so it should be everyone’s right to have access to it. If you are looking for a place to purchase artwork that is in your price range, Gallery 11.17 is ideal.

4- RED art Istanbul

RED art Istanbul specializes in pop art. This gallery contains many eye-catching paintings, sculptures, and installations with vibrant colors and striking messages. The artists of RED art use their talents to bring attention to topics like the dependence on technology, the banality of daily life, and social norms and their effects on our society. If you want to see some fresh and out-of-the-box artwork, you should definitely visit RED art. You won’t regret it!


Well, 8 ARTI 1 is not on Bağdat Street but it is in Kalamış which is not that far away from Bağdat Street. 8 ARTI 1 has so many interesting artworks that we recommend you check out. In the past, they hosted an exhibition called ”Isolation” put together by thirty-three self-proclaimed “untalented” artists (”Yeteneksizler için resim atölyesi”). Re-imaginings of Renaissance, Baroque or Neoclassical paintings with neon colors are just a few examples of what you can find in 8 ARTI 1. Each time you visit 8 ARTI 1, you will be met with completely new and unique art pieces.

Although that is the end of our list, there are still many more galleries left to be discovered. Now that you have visited all these places, it is up to you to decide: Does Bağdat Street have the best art scene in Istanbul?


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Websites of the Galleries Mentioned:

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