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Opening of the “Filenin Sultanları” Dormitory by IBB

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality(IBB) and Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu officially opened the largest co-educational student dormitory named “Filenin Sultanları” in Istanbul. Imamoglu addressed the youth of Türkiye in his speech at the opening ceremony.

On 7 November 2023, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu inaugurated the largest capacity co-educational student dormitory in Küçükçekmece. Speaking at the opening of the dormitory named "Filenin Sultanları" (Sultans of the Net), Imamoglu emphasized the shift in budget allocation towards such projects and indicated the municipality's commitment to broader initiatives. He also highlighted the primary goal of the project, aiming to enhance the satisfaction of every single person in Türkiye and not only a handful of individuals.

In the previous years, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) significantly increased the number of higher education dormitories, reaching a total of 14 buildings. Building on this effort, the IBB opened its dormitory with the highest capacity for both male and female students in Küçükçekmece's Atakent neighborhood. The dormitory, named "Filenin Sultanları," can accommodate a total of 1,042 students, with 560 spaces reserved for female students. Besides this, the name of the dormitory refers to the triumph of the Turkish Women's National Volleyball Team in the European Championship in 2023.

During his speech at the dormitory's opening, Imamoglu emphasized the significance of Ataturk’s role in the Turkish Republic. He asserted that one of Ataturk’s important qualities is knowing whom to entrust with a given task, highlighting Ataturk's decision to entrust the future of the Turkish Republic to the nation's youth. In this context, Imamoglu pointed out the current responsibilities of politicians and public administrators and the mission of the services provided by IBB, which is to eliminate the obstacles hindering the youth on their path to success.

Continuing his speech, Imamoglu expressed his satisfaction in fulfilling his duty towards the youth and pledged to enhance IBB's services throughout his term. He declared that he was proud to be accommodating almost 5,200 students in the dormitories managed by IBB. Furthermore, he conveyed how he feels delighted about the involvement of the students in volunteering for the betterment of Istanbul and envisions them as his partners in this endeavor. Noting his only expectation from the students, he invited them to feel free to greet him and ask any questions that they may have whenever they come across him.

When he was asked about the reason why they named the dormitory “Filenin Sultanları”, Imamoglu explained that the Turkish Women's National Volleyball Team provided them with one of the greatest joys they’ve ever experienced as Türkiye entered its second century of the Republic this year. He highlighted the transformative impact of this historic championship on his 12-year-old daughter, stating how her perspective on life, resilience, determination, and dedication underwent a positive change.

Imamoglu not only celebrated the women's volleyball team's triumph in his speech but also drew attention to the importance of the youth’s determination. He conveyed that both boys and girls in the country are destined to make remarkable achievements and such successes pave the way for the younger generations. Imamoglu further invited the other citizens in Türkiye to create environments for the students that empower rather than suppress them. The name of the dormitory, “Filenin Sultanları”, symbolizes their determined and disciplined efforts while ensuring that their spirits will encourage others.

While concluding his speech, Imamoglu expressed his hope for the players of the Turkish Women's National Volleyball Team to soon visit the dormitory and engage in conversations with the students. He reiterated his love, respect, and admiration for them from the inauguration of the dormitories named on their behalf.

Following Imamoglu’s speech, the dormitory officially went into service with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by him, accompanied by his delegation and students. After cutting the ribbon, Imamoglu inspected the dormitory and interacted with the young residents. Upon listening to the concerns of the youth, Imamoglu proposed a collaboration between the central administration and local governments to address and resolve dormitory-related issues.

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