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Is Türkiye Suitable for Teen’s Activities? A Look at Summer To-Do’s in Istanbul

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Turkey is one of the most economically affected countries after the Covid pandemic. Government policies made it hard for many families to maintain a balanced life, with enough nutritious food, a good house, and an adequate education system. Families that were not able to do these could not save enough money to help their children have a nice summer with fulfilling activities. Teenagers are expecting the government to create policies that will help them have activity options. They are thinking about whether or not the Turkish Government supports activities for them. In this article, we will explore different subjects in to-do lists and government policies for teenagers on these topics.


Türkiye is surely one of the most culturally diverse and developed countries in the world. Since the beginning of humanity, it has been a fruitful hostel. Results from this are clear; there are many historical artifacts, castles, and coasts full of antiques. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism created various museums for many different branches, and tourists definitely loved them. To enter the museums, a museum card is required, which is not cheap for Turkey citizens. Even though it changes from place to place, it is approximately 60 Turkish Liras for civilians and 30 Liras for students. To enter ruins, for example, Olympos in Antalya, civilians had to pay 300 Liras for unlimited entry to Mediterranean sites. Recently, a non-profit organization founded by the government started a campaign to hand out museum cards for every applicant between the ages of 18-25, who have submitted and fulfilled the requirements. This summer, it could increase the number of teens who make cultural trips to Istanbul. Some most important ones are Pera Museum, Istanbul Toy Museum, and the Basilica Cistern.


Türkiye is not in a great condition to support arts: there are many artists but no investment. Many galleries are founded by private investment firms and are usually free to enter. They are making money from the press, city hall funds, and collectors. In Istanbul, there are many galleries in local tourist spots, in Taksim and in Kadıköy. However, it is sometimes necessary to make a reservation. If enough research is made, then it is possible to make great art trips with small budgets. Some of them are DirimArt, Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts, and SALT. Just in Dirimart, there are 2 exhibits open in summer. Also, Pera Museum is an option for young people who are deeply interested in different subjects. These are all close to each other and are easy to get in, since there are many options.


Turkish people love doing and watching sports, and there is investment of time, effort and money towards sports. There are many camps around Türkiye, but unfortunately, Istanbul is a bit behind in all of this. Since there is no forest or natural sights, there are limited places for sports camps. Many of them are easy to apply for, but there are some more selective ones like basketball camps founded by retired basketball players. Teens in Istanbul could travel to those places and have a summer in nature surrounded by their peers.


One thing Istanbul is famous for is definitely its local places like Kadıköy, Taksim, and Beşiktaş. There are an infinite number of cafes in these provinces, and transportation is accessible. Some cafes are not so budget-friendly, especially if it has a history. Teens can meet in cafes in Kadıköy’s side streets; they are famous for their history, and quality and prices are relatively low.

Local Spots:

Not goes without mention, Istanbul has great views, and it is free to watch. Teens with active life style can walk in streets leading to Galata Tower, the main street in Taksim, or through the coast. In the list, this is the most budget-friendly option. Nowadays, many prepare picnic meetings and just chat at Pierre Loti hill, which is a great option with a relatively less number of people.

In conclusion, there are many budget friendly options that are “must-see”s, but Istanbul is not in a great condition in terms of government supported activities, like travel options in the city or budget friendly cafes in Kadıköy or Taksim. Yet, in terms of museums it is getting better with handing out museum entry cards. Still, Türkiye has poor policies that are developing for helping teens to create options as many complained in social media this year. Nevertheless, with all its sights, Türkiye is off to a great start in terms of developing.

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Emir Sahin
Emir Sahin

Lovely article!


berna uyanık
berna uyanık

If I go to Istanbul, I will visit most of them. Thank you.

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