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Former Olympic Champion's Coach Falls From Grace Due To Alleged Sexual Misconduct

“Olympicsgate” would perhaps be a fitting term to describe this sports-world scandal since unethical behavior is at its peak here.

Toni Minichiello is an athletics commentator and former coach, who also helped the British Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis Hill to win her victory in the 2012 Olympics. In recognition of his dedication to the champion and hard work, he received the "Coach of the Year" title at the 2012 UK Coaching Awards as well as the "BBC Sports Personality of the Year" award. However, behind all these awards and victories, not only good intentions and manners laid, as it seems.

The victorious coach recently fell from grace due to his inappropriate sexual behavior: mimicking the athletes, emotionally abusing them, and bullying. He was permanently barred from training athletes as the UK Athletics declared to the public on August 9, 2022. Multiple female athletes and coaches had complained about his improper actions, and following it, an investigation was launched. Likewise in some other cases, his accusers remain anonymous for now, but he is already getting attacked and dragged on social media. UK Athletics released a statement saying that his athletes suffered from consequences affecting both their mental and physical wellbeing.

Being an athlete and practicing with such discipline at a fast pace and with high effort is already exhausting enough, and an abusive coach is really not what they need. This is once again proving that looks can be deceiving, and no matter how successful one can be, what is wrong will eventually face the surface, bringing one down. That athlete lifestyle itself strictly requires a strong body as well as a strong, resilient mind, yet this man managed to ruin that strong mind for some of his athletes.

His response to all those allegations was literally denying them and calling the charges “unfair”. This behavior sometimes creates an ethical dilemma within a person because with only what is heard on media, judging one on such harsh accusations can be tough, but there is more.

Minichiello was suspended in 2021, with a pending investigation to go further with complaints from multiple female athletes. He was then found to have breached his coaching license over the course of 15 years in different ways such as mimicking oral sex, unwanted and inappropriate touching, and emotional abuse.

The plot twist here is that since Minichiello’s coaching license expired already, the UKA (UK Athletics) can not technically sanction or ban his now non-existent license, but they are making sure he would not be able to reapply or renew his license. Through their attitude, they want to show solitude to their athletes and remind both the athletes and the world that UKA does not tolerate or host such people with such inappropriate behavior. Aside from that, UKA also stated that though some allegations were proven, others were not yet proved to be true, and they did not elaborate further on those allegations’ details.

Now, after all this, where does his biggest champion, Jessica Ennis Hill, stand on this mater? On one of her social media accounts she briefly stated: “Reading the news today about my former coach Toni Minichiello, it is both shocking and upsetting. The allegations are awful and although I was never on the receiving end of any sexual physical behavior, any such inappropriate behavior or language has no place in any coaching or work environment.”

We like to see that she put it as objectively as she can, stating both that she never had such an experience but also that it is wrong. She would also face backlash if she was to support her coach “just because.”

Coming to an end with this one, it is quite tasteless to see this happening, especially with an Olympic coach because athletes, regardless of their sports branches, are expected to be people of high morale and honesty, brewed with strong discipline on the way to success.

The coach has certainly lost his excellent reputation and respect over this matter. These are such critical issues that should be handled justly and carefully, one should hope for justice and closure for the ones who need it the most. And we should help sports federations and organizations, as much as we can, to make sure that they do not brush these off.

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